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Thailand Outsource provides data and IT Services for small to large companies to free up your companies resources and also save you money. We have a variety of professional staff specializing in many areas of Information Technology and Data Management Services, Photoshop & Graphics Experts and more.

We have numerous ways of handling your work depending on the tasks. Our staff can work via Remote Desktop directly on your server or computer, transfer via ftp, dropbox, etc.

Some of our main areas of on-going work includes Data Management, Data Manipulation & Queries, Media Management, Data Entry & Verification, Project Management, Donor Database Management and Conversions, Website Design including Photoshop, Hosting and SEO, Programming, Website Management & Maintenance, Technical & Troubleshooting.

If you have other work that was not described above, please contact us so we can discuss the possibilities.

We can provide data management services handling maintenance and updates of data via databases or spreadsheets. Data manipulation through queries

We can provide leaders for your project management overseeing departments responsible for handling the daily operations

We provide media management services downloading online media content and manipulating the requested data and saving it to your server

We offer quality data entry and verification services. We can work online or from scanned pdf’s and enter the

We can offer donor database management keeping your donor database up to date, running queries, customization, conversions and more

We offer website design from simple websites to the more complex with custom programming. Additionally we can handle your hosting